Looking for Used Cooking Oil Collection Services?

As a client of Eazy Grease, your business will benefit from top-notch, spill-proof steel bins, complete with secure anti-theft locks, all serviced by our licensed and proficient team. We’re committed to offering personalized service, providing a range of container options tailored to the unique needs of your operation. For most tank sizes, we also offer automated scheduling for used cooking oil collection, easing an extra burden off your mind.

How it Works

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Beginning your journey with Eazy Grease is swift and straightforward. To accommodate your needs, we provide various communication channels and are available 24/7. You can reach out for our services through email, our website, or by calling us at 888-270-0680.

Schedule Delivery

After we receive your service request, Eazy Grease will ensure the delivery of a new storage oil container to your location within 2-3 business days. No matter the volume of cooking oil your business uses, we provide a tailor-made, complimentary container that perfectly suits your specific requirements.


Eazy Grease delivers automated services for a seamless client experience. Based on the details of your tank’s capacity and your used oil volume, we arrange automatic pickups. These services are designed to be unobtrusive, ensuring no disruption to your operations and no necessity for employee involvement.


Waste Cooking Oil Storage Containers

Eazy Grease provides a wide selection of cooking oil storage container options, ensuring we meet the specific requirements of your operation. Whether you need outdoor or indoor bins, or an automated system, we collaborate with you to ensure our services integrate smoothly into your operations. We use only top-quality equipment designed to prevent spills and enhance safety. With our waste cooking oil storage containers, we promise a hassle-free experience and your complete satisfaction.

Steel Construction

Anti-Theft Lid & Lock

Zero Grease Contact

Convenient Size


Effective & Dependable Service

At Eazy Grease, our foundational belief is that the customer’s needs are paramount. We take great pride in offering our clients superior, innovative services. Our licensed grease haulers are renowned for their reliability and efficiency in the Southeast, guaranteeing top-notch service for our valued customers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing exceptionally flexible and reliable services, delivered by a team of expertly trained technicians and customer service professionals.

Professional Team

Eazy Grease’s team consists of highly skilled, regulation-compliant professionals, ensuring safe, effective, and efficient services for every client.

No Contracts

Eazy Grease guarantees customer satisfaction, offering high-quality solutions and superior service without long-term contracts or commitments.

Available 24/7/365

Eazy Grease offers unwavering round-the-clock services, catering to emergencies and unique operating hours with utmost readiness and quality.


Florida’s Choice for Restaurant Oil Disposal

Eazy Grease offers its specialized used cooking oil collection services throughout Florida, catering to a diverse range of industries. Whether you’re operating a restaurant in a bustling city, a hotel along the scenic coastline, or a school in a suburban community, Eazy Grease is committed to providing efficient, reliable, and environmentally responsible services across the state.

Located Outside of Florida?

With an extensive network of collectors spanning across the United States, our company ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient service, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of our clients nationwide.

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Efficient Recycling of Cooking Oil

Eazy Grease offers a proficient service in recycling used cooking oil, turning waste into renewable biofuel.

Diverse Industry Service Range

Catering to various industries, Eazy Grease ensures waste management solutions for facilities with fryers, enhancing environmental sustainability.

Customer-Centric and Reliable

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Eazy Grease provides timely, contract-free, and transparent grease disposal services.