Bulk Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Sales

At Eazy Grease, we are a prominent buyer of used cooking oil (UCO) in the Southeast, renowned for offering competitive prices. We specialize in purchasing and selling substantial quantities of refined UCO and food-grade oil. Our commitment is to provide top dollar to licensed grease collectors from whom we acquire bulk waste oil.

Importing Cooking Oil

Servicing the Americas

Eazy Grease is a dynamic used oil purchasing company, specializing in importing used cooking oil from South America and the Caribbean Islands. We’re dedicated to sustainable practices and offer competitive rates, transforming imported waste oil into valuable resources. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and efficient service makes us a key player in the global effort towards a greener future.

Sell Us Your Unprocessed Bulk Used Cooking Oil

Eazy Grease, a premier used oil purchasing company, specializes in acquiring and repurposing used cooking oil from various industries across the region. We focus on offering competitive pricing and environmentally sustainable solutions, turning waste into valuable resources.


What Is The Current Price
For Used Cooking Oil?

The Jacobsen Market Value is a crucial indicator of yellow grease prices, reflecting the industry’s volatility with frequent rate fluctuations. At Eazy Grease, we commit to offering the best prices when you contact us directly.

Note that the pricing is influenced by the quality of the used oil. When Eazy Grease purchases UCO, we assess the free fatty acid (FFA) levels, moisture content, and impurities. We conduct these evaluations promptly and maintain transparency throughout, ensuring you receive a fair price for your UCO based on its quality.


Logistic & Transport

Eazy Grease offers a comprehensive and efficient logistics network across the United States for transporting Used Cooking Oil (UCO), leveraging advanced tankers and rail cars to provide cost-effective and timely delivery solutions. Our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring safe and flexible transport options, whether for short or long distances.

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Efficient Recycling of Cooking Oil

Eazy Grease offers a proficient service in recycling used cooking oil, turning waste into renewable biofuel.

Diverse Industry Service Range

Catering to various industries, Eazy Grease ensures waste management solutions for facilities with fryers, enhancing environmental sustainability.

Customer-Centric and Reliable

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Eazy Grease provides timely, contract-free, and transparent grease disposal services.