Eazy Grease, Florida’s Go to for Cooking Oil Recycling.

Are you tired of dealing with poor service for your restaurant? Or starting a new business? Is used cooking oil piling up? Let us take that greasy mess off your hands! As the leading local cooking oil recycling company, we make it simple and easy to recycle of your vegetable oils, fryer oils, waste and grease the right way.

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What is Eazy Grease

The hassle-free solution for cooking oil and grease recycling. Schedule a pickup and our team will swiftly whisk it all away, leaving sparkling clean containers behind. As a Florida-certified recycler, we provide documentation confirming proper grease trap and fryer oil maintenance for your records. Compliance made easy. Plus, qualifying restaurants and commercial partners receive free cooking oil containers based on size and volume needs – no additional charge. From fast service to spotless equipment and EPA-approved receptacles, Eazy Grease ensures effortless recycling from start to finish. Count on the local experts.

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From waste to frying oil and grease trap cleanouts to curbside waste oil collections – we’re the cooking oil recycling company restaurants and commercial customers rely on. Contact Eazy Grease today to request hassle-free recycling tailored to your needs!

The image depicts a used cooking oil collection service. On the left, there is a black collection bin labeled "USED COOKING OIL ONLY" with a warning sign and contact information. The center image shows a tanker truck connected to a large underground container via a green hose, likely pumping used oil for recycling. The right image features a similar collection bin situated against a wall. This service is essential for restaurants and food service providers to dispose of cooking oil safely and responsibly. The collection bins are designed to prevent spills and unauthorized access, and the service likely includes recycling the oil into biofuels or other products.

How it Works – The Eazy Grease 3- Step Recycling Process

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Schedule a Pickup

The first step towards sustainable cooking oil recycling is as simple as reaching out to our team. Give us a call or fill out our form to schedule a pickup date and time that fits your needs. For restaurant customers, just let us know when your used waste oil or grease will be ready for collection. Restaurant and commercial partners can request routine grease trap maintenance and fryer oil disposal services at regular intervals.

Prep for Collection

Prep for Collection Next, it’s time to gather up all those bottles, tins, and containers of used cooking oil and grease. Our recycling technicians will provide guidance on properly storing the waste oil until pickup day arrives. For larger operations, we’ll coordinate directly with your team to ensure seamless access to grease traps, fryer vats, and other oil collection points.

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We’ll Handle the Rest

When our truck rolls up, you can kick back and relax! We’ll take care of transferring every drop of used frying oil, grease, and other cooking oils from your premises into our secure transportation vessels. From there, it’s off to our processing facilities where the valuable oils and grease will be repurposed into biofuels, animal feed ingredients, and more. It’s a true closed-loop system!


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Our Customer Commitment

We are committed to providing exceptionally flexible and reliable services, delivered by a team of expertly trained technicians and customer service professionals.

100% Guarantee

Eazy Grease confidently ensures total customer satisfaction, combining high-quality solutions with superior customer service for a consistently excellent experience.

Professional Team

Eazy Grease’s team consists of highly skilled, regulation-compliant professionals, ensuring safe, effective, and efficient services for every client.

Available 24/7/365

Eazy Grease offers unwavering round-the-clock services, 365 days a year, catering to emergencies and unique operating hours with utmost readiness and quality.

Restaurant Owners Have Never Been Happier with Our Cooking Oil Recycling Business.

At Eazy Grease, providing exceptional cooking oil recycling services is at the core of everything we do. But don’t just take our word for it – hear straight from the local homeowners and restaurant partners who’ve experienced the Eazy Grease difference firsthand.

From unparalleled convenience and customer service to spotless results and environmental compliance, our satisfied customers rave about the seamless experience of recycling their used frying oils and grease with our team. Read on for a glimpse into why Eazy Grease has earned a reputation as the local experts restaurants and residents trust.

The image depicts two individuals, a man and a woman, focused on a document that the man is holding. The man appears to be wearing a white shirt with overalls, which is typical attire for manual work such as maintenance or technical services. This suggests he might be a technician or mechanic. The woman is wearing a light blue blazer and a white lace top, which suggests a more formal or business-oriented role, possibly a manager or client. They are both looking at the document with attentive expressions, indicating they are discussing something important, likely related to the man's work or the services provided. The background is blurred, but it seems to be an indoor setting with bright lighting, which could be a workshop, factory floor, or a service center.